The Generous Gift

This was the first short film I shot where things really jelled and I felt like the end product exceeded my expectations. I was trying to do something that would be driven by the sound but very visual. I was very inspired by Joe Frank, and his ability to weave stories in and out of hypnotic music, and I wanted to do something with hypnotic and distracting imagery to pull attention away from the odd story. I was also flagrantly stealing from my friend David Bauemeler, a practice I continue to this day.

Dr. Scott was alerted to this video’s existence by family members, and confronted me about it after a routine teeth cleaning appointment. He has a very good sense of humor and remains my dentist.

Anyway, it’s about teeth. Shot with a Canon 5D MII, mostly using a Canon 100mm lens (although there are a couple of shots in there done with a Canon 50mm).