Gage Opdenbrouw

A short documentary about Oakland-based painter, Gage Opdenbrouw.

Aside from the fact that Gage has generally interesting things to say about being a painter, my favorite thing about this short is the contrast between the calm, contemplative person that he is and the noisy world just outside his studio. Because of this, I treated the sound as the opposite of a normal video mix, bringing in noise instead of getting rid of it. I tried to mix the traffic sounds to resemble ocean waves in places, and based the rhythm of the music on the trains going by outside the window. The contrast between light and dark in the first shot was emphasized with the noise of a train. In other spots I cleaned up most of the noise so that you could hear the subtle sounds of him working.

Filmmakers often talk about how sound is 50% of the film, and in this film about a visual artist I wanted to make sure it counted for even more.