The Blind Shake, shaking

As far as I’m concerned, this is the greatest live band going these days. » Read on »

Oakland Political Mailers and Me

Like autumn leaves, the ground these days is littered with political mailers for local campaigns. Let’s take a look, shall we? » Read on »

The Kind of Bar I’d Like to be Drinking In

Another new film about travel. Dig it: » Read on »

The Generous Gift of Dr. Scott McKinzie

I finished another film. Check it out: » Read on »

Why I’m Supporting Rebecca Kaplan

If you know me, you know how deeply I love and care about Oakland. This is not just where I live, it’s my home. You also probably know how dissatisfied I’ve been with our local government. You may even have been treated to a slobbering hell-in-a-hand-basket rant on the subject (sorry about that). » Read on »

The many thrills of Guy Maddin

Guy Maddin: Canadian. Filmmaker. » Read on »

Domino’s Stops Screwing Cheese

Domino’s Pizza has been trying to convince you that they are no longer a big, insensitive corporation who does a lousy job of creating products and will cut any corner if it benefits the bottom line. Whatever. » Read on »

Generalissimo Video Edited and Posted

Finally finished editing this video for Generalissimo: » Read on »

2009 West Coast Tour Paraphenalia

[I am trying to catch up on documenting work that I’ve done. Seems like a good thing for a designer to do on his website.] » Read on »

San Francisco Punk (?) Band: The Dickheads

More information than you could ever possibly want about the San Francisco band The Dickheads. » Read on »

Spy vs. Spy

I have no idea why this seemed like a good idea to the company, but these commercials are great.
» Read on »

Edjucation in Our Schools

I saw this photo on the Huffington Post today, and thought it was pretty funny: » Read on »

Jane Fisher: Half Marathoner

My lovely and talented wife ran the second half of the San Francisco Marathon. I am too fat to do that, so I just took pictures.

» Read on »

A Typewriter Recitation

Who doesn’t love a good cover? And when it comes to typewriters, is it possible to do a bad one?
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Herein you shall find the trailer for PLAYBACK IS A BITCH!, my 9 hour documentary on the making of my band’s new record.

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Recording: the Ovipositor Method

People often ask me, “Colin, how do you get that crazy sound? You know, your sound – the Beatnik Dungeon Sound.” Let me show you. » Read on »

Western Medicine CD Packaging

I recently helped design CD packaging for the band, Generalissimo. » Read on »

Creekside Garden Photography

I’ve been working on redesigning the website for the Creekside Inn up in Guerneville (yes, they do need it).┬áThe Russian River Valley is gorgeous, and their piece of it doubly so, so I’m putting an emphasis on photography » Read on »

120 Oysters Feeds a Lotta Friends

For Jane and my birthdays, we went to Drake’s Bay Oyster Company and bought 10 dozen extra large oysters for the grill. » Read on »

The Great Mid-Canadian Film Festival

Outside of the confines of Manitoba, not much is known about Manitoba. » Read on »

Guitar Photography

Pics of instruments. » Read on »

Fur, Fish and Game

My wife is a very talented painter. As part of her introduction at the school she now teaches at (Diablo Valley College), she put together this exhibition called Fur, Fish and Game. » Read on »

A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter

This object is up for sale on ebay. If you win it, you have to plug it in and connect it to the internet, where it will put itself back up for sale on ebay. » Read on »

My New Aluminum Baby

Electrical Guitar #334. All aluminum, hollowbody, with alumitone pickups. » Read on »

North Vietnamese Propaganda Posters

We picked up a bunch of these posters in Saigon.

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