Jason Batzer Will Be Remembered

Jason Batzer was my friend. After a long battle with depression, he killed himself last week. » Read on »

David C. Lowery in Furs

Much has been made of Dave “Cracker” Lowery’s open letter in response to an NPR blog post recently. The contrast between these two points of view says a lot about the music industry, and how it earned it’s timely demise. » Read on »

Love Without Mercy – Generalissimo

Here we have the cover for the newest Generalissimo Record. » Read on »

Generalissimo 7″ Single

Seems like this year I’m going back to working exclusively in black and red.

» Read on »

PRF Record Cover Photo Shoot

The Electrical Audio forum is a place I virtually hang out at a lot. It’s a unique place, full of extremely intelligent people from a wide swath of backgrounds.

A few months ago, a group of people from the forum decided to put out a quarterly series of records featuring some of the bands who hang out there. » Read on »

Cartographer: Hats, Capes, Dark Arts

Cartographer are a great band from the bay area and good friends to boot. I designed and printed the sleeve for their latest record, Hats, Capes, Dark Arts. » Read on »

Yonkers and the Shake: A Film About Music

So I’m making a documentary about Michael Yonkers and The Blind Shake. They’ve been collaborating on some great music for a while now, and I decided to document it. » Read on »

The Blind Shake, shaking

As far as I’m concerned, this is the greatest live band going these days. » Read on »

Generalissimo Video Edited and Posted

Finally finished editing this video for Generalissimo: » Read on »

2009 West Coast Tour Paraphenalia

[I am trying to catch up on documenting work that I’ve done. Seems like a good thing for a designer to do on his website.] » Read on »

San Francisco Punk (?) Band: The Dickheads

More information than you could ever possibly want about the San Francisco band The Dickheads. » Read on »


Herein you shall find the trailer for PLAYBACK IS A BITCH!, my 9 hour documentary on the making of my band’s new record.

» Read on »

Recording: the Ovipositor Method

People often ask me, “Colin, how do you get that crazy sound? You know, your sound – the Beatnik Dungeon Sound.” Let me show you. » Read on »

Western Medicine CD Packaging

I recently helped design CD packaging for the band, Generalissimo. » Read on »

Guitar Photography

Pics of instruments. » Read on »

My New Aluminum Baby

Electrical Guitar #334. All aluminum, hollowbody, with alumitone pickups. » Read on »

Cartographer, Generalissimo, Ovipositor

Saturday night, bathed in the warm glow of the Hemlock Tavern. » Read on »

The Blind Shake at Thee Parkside

If you’ve run into me in the last month, you’ve heard me babbling about The Blind Shake. True to my expectations, they delivered the goods live – documentation after the jump. » Read on »

Lester Bangs Speaks My Mind

Lester Bangs always seemed like a writer who got over his writers block by becoming a rock critic. He was smart, analytical, and funny, but his writing always seemed to veer outside of the idiom like it was a cage. I understand the thought process behind that (right: here’s what I’m supposed to do, now how can I subvert it in a vaguely topical way?), but ultimately I think that way of thinking is more about insecurity than insight. » Read on »

May 25, 2009, at Thee Parkside

The bill was: The Moggs, Police Teeth, and Generalissimo. All bands were good. For various I-don’t-know-how-to-use-my-camera reasons, I didn’t get any photos of The Moggs, which is too bad. » Read on »

Rock and Roll as Collage

Here we have Bongwater, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Bob Weir, and the Fabulous Pussywillows, all on one stage for a song, broadcast on National TV: » Read on »

Bad Music for Bad People

As I’m starting this blog, Lux Interior of The Cramps has just died of a heart condition. Technically he was 63, but really he was a timeless, in a way only true originals can be. I don’t mean that his music or his band were timeless (they draw heavily on early rock’n’roll but rarely pushed past those influences), I mean Lux himself was an archetype – a raconteur – and in that he’s timeless. » Read on »