UC Berkeley Art Department website

My colleague Stefan Gutermuth and I recently completed redesigning UC Berkeley’s Art Department website.

Open Marketing, Other Projects

Whew – it’s been a few months since I’ve posted any work here. Part of that’s because I’ve been working on finishing off the film (ALMOST THERE!), part of that is because I’ve been too damn busy to document what I’ve been up to. » Read on »

Love Without Mercy – Generalissimo

Here we have the cover for the newest Generalissimo Record. » Read on »

WordPress and You

I often wax poetic about WordPress, to the extent that I make friends and clients nervous. But really – it solves a lot of problems that were absolutely crippling for my clients when I first started out. I work with a lot of small businesses, which are often on a tight budget. If maintaining the site means they have to pay me to do more work, then they’re going to be less inclined to update it. » Read on »