Generalissimo 7″ Single

Seems like this year I’m going back to working exclusively in black and red.

Here’s a 2-color sleeve for a 7″ record by Generalissimo. I spent some time over the summer with General Zivkovich talking about their graphical presentation – something that should be first and foremost for any budding young fascist. He’s really run with it, and the fruits of that are rolling out, starting with the new logo used here and on their website.

For my part, I’ve been thinking a lot about the design overlaps between socialist/communist/fascist work from the 50s and the postwar design giddiness we had here in the US. They’re alarmingly similar – partially due to the tools available at the time, obviously, but also likely due to some sort of cultural seepage. Without doing anything too complex, I tried to steal a little from both camps for this sleeve. 2 colors, big shapes, and some fancy rubylith cutting (not actually executed with rubylith). The utilitarian chipboard gives it a certain prole charm.

You can listen to and then purchase this wee piece of vinyl here.

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