Devils in the Details

The Hearst Castle is an amazing place. Designed to look old world, it is a pastiche of various European styles, strung together without any historical context or aesthetic guidelines. I took this batch of photos on a recent visit. » Read on »


I first saw Trona driving towards Bakersfield from Death Valley. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a burned down house and decided to pull over to investigate. Swinging around the block, there were another few burned down houses, and even more that were clearly abandoned. The inhabited ones were few and far between. It seemed to be well on it’s way to becoming a ghost town, but there were still people hanging on. » Read on »


10 days, 2,600 miles, 8,600′ above sea level, 200′ below. Good times. » Read on »

A Year Without Jason

Last night, I went to Heinhold’s First & Last with my Jane and my sister. Getting drinks, I noticed a sign behind the bar that I hadn’t seen before: “We welcome all Nations except Carrie.” Which is brilliant. » Read on »

Pictures from the Antiques Fair

I got a Lens Baby squeezy lens and wanted to take it for a test dive.

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In Commemoration of My Father on the Date of His Birth

Dad would have been 71 today. My uncle’s been sharing some stories, like he does every year on this day. I’m sharing them here (as well as some of my own).

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UC Berkeley Art Department website

My colleague Stefan Gutermuth and I recently completed redesigning UC Berkeley’s Art Department website.

Jason Batzer Will Be Remembered

Jason Batzer was my friend. After a long battle with depression, he killed himself last week. » Read on »

SmartGuy Records Redesign That Wasn’t

Some jobs don’t work out for whatever reason, and this is one of those. However, I like the design, and wanted to post the mock-ups here. » Read on »

UC Berkeley French Department

My friend and colleague Stefan Gutermuth and I rebuilt the French Department’s website this summer, making some substantial changes top to bottom. You can view it here.

We’ve done work together before, and most of it has been for UCB sites. This one is a step up on several fronts. » Read on »

Cielito Lindo Apartment Building

The Cielito Lindo Apartment complex sits across Park Boulevard from me, tucked behind some other buildings. Without knowing where it is, you probably wouldn’t find it. » Read on »

David C. Lowery in Furs

Much has been made of Dave “Cracker” Lowery’s open letter in response to an NPR blog post recently. The contrast between these two points of view says a lot about the music industry, and how it earned it’s timely demise. » Read on »

Jane Fisher, Artist

Finally finished giving my lovely and talented wife’s website a redo that’s been a long time coming. Now you can finally see the images on a larger scale, sort them, browse them, and keep up with what she’s doing.

The Gas Pumps of Pahrump

If you’re ever in Pahrump, Nevada (maybe you’re visiting Art Bell, one of the brothels near his place, or just there for a little wine tasting), I suggest you stop by the place with the Free Yard Sale sign out front. I don’t know what that means, either, but he’s got a lot of cool stuff to take pictures of.

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Open Marketing, Other Projects

Whew – it’s been a few months since I’ve posted any work here. Part of that’s because I’ve been working on finishing off the film (ALMOST THERE!), part of that is because I’ve been too damn busy to document what I’ve been up to. » Read on »

Love Without Mercy – Generalissimo

Here we have the cover for the newest Generalissimo Record. » Read on »

Generalissimo 7″ Single

Seems like this year I’m going back to working exclusively in black and red.

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HEY HEY WHAT Now Has a Website

Not only does my documentary finally have a title, it now has a website. You can view it here.

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Ovipositor’s Last Album is Released

Here’s the final record by Ovipositor. It’s called Everyone Has Their Tipping Point.
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Art in Print: Black and White and Red All Over

Here we have, a site dedicated to covering the world of printmaking, designed and built by myself and Chris Palmatier. » Read on »

PRF Record Cover Photo Shoot

The Electrical Audio forum is a place I virtually hang out at a lot. It’s a unique place, full of extremely intelligent people from a wide swath of backgrounds.

A few months ago, a group of people from the forum decided to put out a quarterly series of records featuring some of the bands who hang out there. » Read on »

Cartographer: Hats, Capes, Dark Arts

Cartographer are a great band from the bay area and good friends to boot. I designed and printed the sleeve for their latest record, Hats, Capes, Dark Arts. » Read on »

Yonkers and the Shake: A Film About Music

So I’m making a documentary about Michael Yonkers and The Blind Shake. They’ve been collaborating on some great music for a while now, and I decided to document it. » Read on »

Mountain View Cemetery

This place is so photogenic. » Read on »

The Creekside Inn and Resort

Yes it has been a long time since I posted. For someone who spends much of his professional time building blogs and encouraging those for whom he builds them to post actively and often, taking almost 2 months off between posts is not good form. I’ve, uh, been busy. Do as I say, not as I do.

Anyway, I’m sticking my head up quickly to post a link to the new Creekside Inn and Resort website. » Read on »